Pause. A poem by Paula Hand

The clock ticks away the daylight,
Day in, day out
From the garden seat
your lungs fill with air,
in and out
As the grass grows,
and the bees buzz
at the flower heads,
to make the honey
that stickers to your fingers
When spread on warm toast
The goldfinch, the sparrows, the robins,
peck feed hanging from the birdhouse
you made
with your grandpa
You will again
share the hammer and the nails
But right now,
Need to pause,
To wait
To be home
To stay safe


Paula Hand is a graduate of a Creative Writing Masters from UL, a dreamer of other worlds, and a writer under another name.

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  1. Morning to dear Paula Hand
    I’ve recently known her through Twitter and pretty sure she’ll be a great writer

    Totally see to eye with her ,
    Everything seems at pause nowadays!!

    We’ll miss that move in our life !!

    Soon, it’ll be fine , or this is what I try to convince myself of every night!!

    Stay home and stay safe

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