Pandemic Stream. A poem by Anne Watkin

Streams and dreams and such extremes
of fleeing ,seeing and of being.
Missing kissing and dismissing
fears and tears and whole careers .
Heady , steady and already
guestless restless sometimes stressless ;
sometimes stressed. Impressed undressed ,
bounded , grounded and surrounded
by yen and zen and when and then
debate our fate .But we must wait
for cure .Unsure we must endure.Confined
Detained restrained and so confined,
yet free from all the ties that bind
me to the crazy noisy mind
that made me almost deaf and blind
to a need to simply seek and find
a way to leave the trite behind
to reconnect with human kind
and take more time and then remind
myself that I am not designed
to surrender to the daily grind
where all my thoughts and acts are timed

A New Order
Friendships wither unsustained ;
exposing all the false and feigned .
Baseless bonds are easily strained
and all that’s shallow has just waned .
But in the chaos , unexplained
other ties have been maintained .
And when resources seem so drained
new supports have been attained


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