I am. A poem by Michelle W Kennedy

I am stilling,
Sitting, still, silent
I hear the wind,
I feel the birds,
I watch the birds,
I am the birds,
I am the wind, the song, the swoosh,
The still, steady journey
We are all one,
When I am still.I sit on stone,
I am strong, I am solid,
I am of my ancestors.

I sit by sea,
I am flowing, I am wide,
I am near, I am full.

I sit on bone,
I am movement, I am feeling,
I am all that is outside me,
Inside me.

I am inside me
I am noise on a window
I am light, fear, banging,
Hopeless and full.

I am the window open and closed
I am fresh and stale
I breath old and new.

I am stilling, silent, still
And in that moment I am free
To be all and nothing
I know the way

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