Over the hedge. A script by Debi Lewis

Characters: Jemma: mother of two
Edna: elderly neighbour


Jemma (on her phone): Sorry love I won’t be able to go to the shops today.
Edna (unseen): That’s alright. When do you think you will be able to come buy?

Jemma: Well I thought it might be nice to get some Easter eggs for the kids…..
Edna: Oh I see. Well you best carry on.

Jemma: But then I thought because it’s Easter, it’s going to be busy, isn’t it?
Edna: Well it doesn’t matter. I’ll add milk to my delivery order.

Jemma: Maybe you can get them from your work and bring them with you?
Edna: Bit late for that love

Jemma: Oh, well. The kids are going to be disappointed.
Edna: Shame you can’t all come round though isn’t it?

Jemma: What will I tell them?
Edna: Maybe you and the kiddies can do some Easter crafts and stick them in the window for people to see as they walk past.

Jemma (looking shocked): Excuse me? Don’t you love these kids or not?
Edna: Alright, alright. I best go.

Jemma: Just bring some eggs with you when you come tonight. So late? Don’t you even want to see the kids?
Edna: *sigh* no it’s all kicking off next door.

Jemma (puts mobile phone down on garden table): And he wonders why I want a fricking divorce. Alright over there Edna?
Edna: I’m alright love. Had a bit of a row did you?

Jemma: Again.
Edna: It will sort itself out.

Jemma: You got everything you need? Looks like I have to go to the shop again or the kids won’t have any Easter eggs.
Edna: Oh, speaking of, I’ve got some for them. I’ll stick them outside your front door after dinner.

Jemma: Oh bless you, thank you Edna. I’m going to just nip to the shop for some milk and bread while I’m there. You need me to pick anything up?
Edna: No love, I’ve got a delivery coming. I’ll be ok. Thank you anyway.

Jemma: Ok, I’m going in. See you later.
Edna: Bye


Debi Lewis is a chocoholic mother of two who works in the mental health field during the day and writes by night. She recently won third place in the Charroux LitFest 2018 Memoir Prize. See more here.

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