Of Light and Tunnels. A poem by Sue Divin

I ask myself can I survive this?
Then I remember
the months and years
after you left
after I told you to leave
and to seek help.

The slow ticking of the mantlepiece clock
when restrictions were from circumstance
requiring courage of heart
steel-masked tears
resilience channelled
for the salvation of our two-year-old.

Then too, I remember
him craving smiles
hugged reassurances
With toddler words
Where is Daddy?
Soaked tissues of aloneness
In an armchair
Every single night
Until one day without noticing
There crept light.

Sue is a Derry based writer but, hailing originally from Armagh, can’t quite classify herself a ‘Derry Girl.’ Peace worker, knackered mammy, musician and juggler of life, she remains clueless how she finds time to write. Her début novel, Guard Your Heart, will be published in 2021.

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