Lockdown Weekend with Snowflakes in May. An Essay by James Dangler

My weekend began with a Zoom drink with local friends and our FCCCH (Friday Canadian Corona Cocktail Hour) with friends across the border. They virtually asked what we had planned for the weekend. “Nothing on our agenda”. So Saturday morning’s May snow and cold released me from any sense of duty or disappointment. I had a call from our great neighbor Misael. He said that the town of Irondequoit is giving out free facemasks until about 2 PM today. In thanking him for the news and appreciation, he replied, “That is what we do, we need to take care of each other”.As I walked down the driveway to my car, I was encircled by a mini snowstorm with flakes of perfect circles. It was beautiful. With windows half down and music blasting in joy, I approached the destination. Volunteers with parkas and facemasks were handing out boxes of 50 under the care of the Irondequoit Police organizing chaos. Lowering the volume, I tried to show as much appreciation, gratefulness and honor to the two women reaching into the box and gently tossing through my open window. Can they see the smile through the mask I wore in their honor? Could they see the admiration in my eyes?

Back home with my wonderful pandemic partner, I continued with this feeling of joy. Maybe it was the same feeling I had as a boy, warm house, food in the fridge, no thought of finance or striving. Cold beauty outside; safe inside with loved one. I will allow myself to
send silent empathy to those lacking shelter, food and next month’s rent. I will mourn the great loss that has shaken the world. I will feel that later, now I have to take care of myself in this moment.

This morning I think of my Mother. I miss her and her essence. I am glad she has not had to live through this pandemic in this political climate. Although, she would have added some humor and perspective that would be uniquely, Evelyn. I don’t have to worry about her alone in a nursing home. She left this world surrounded by people who loved her. I am grateful for that.

The sun is out today. I will post pictures. Ginny and I will follow up on seeing how the magnolia trees in Durand Park are progressing. We have rediscovered the beauty of the park. We’ll find some new trails and revisit others. I’ll feel sadness for those in loss, worry and pain. I’ll send out my form of healing prayer. I’ll be grateful for the life and love I have.

My educational background includes an MBA, Masters in Education/Counseling and Bachelor in Psychology. I was fortunate to spend a semester in abroad where I learned to appreciate the diversity of cultures and people. I have recently retired after 30 years in Technical Recruiting, Talent Acquisition and human Resources. I have had to have a strong understanding of the economy, business trends, technology and human behavior. I have helped numerous candidates navigate the employment market and companies to understand the current market of required talent. I have been involved as Upstate NY Finance Coordinator, Staffing Training and Memeber with the ManKind Project. https://mankindproject.org/

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