Mental Health. A poem by Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell

Staring out my window
Emptiness fills the streets
A little bit like my mind.
Living on the main drag
I miss curing out drivers going too fast,
I miss my heart racing.
Alive and well,
I do not wish death upon anyone.
Tired of surfing the web and seeing all the hate
Nothing except division here
In the good ol’ USA.
People used to come together
But the unity is fading,
Kindness evaporating.
Working for others
Joining together
Not being selfish.
When this all started
Hope was still in the air.
All healthy and well right?
The minds untreated
I am the author of the chapbook “Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother” and the author and artist of the books/poems “You are Wondrous” and “Carry Me Along”. I reside in Lincoln, Maine with my family of 7.

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