Letter to future son/daughter by Steffi Siby

Dear future son/daughter,
I want to talk to you about 2020. I am sure you have heard and read many things about this time but I want to share my experience and more importantly, the lessons I learnt. I am not a stranger to solitude or isolation. In fact, I prefer being alone to being in most social situations. But the word ‘alone’ takes on a new meaning when you have to force ‘isolation’ upon yourself.
Having to stay indoors and completely abstain from all the activities you are used to doing is difficult. But, the funny thing is that I never really appreciated the things I used to do or the people I used to see. Instead, I mainly complained about it. So please, dear one, take note of my first point – make the most of now. Make the most of what you have been blessed with today because everything could change in an instant. Don’t wait till you lose things to recognise their value.
Complaining just seems like a natural response for us humans. I urge you to fight against this and cultivate another response. An attitude of gratitude. Believe me when I say this, there are so many wonderful things around you. I never before realised how utterly wonderful it is to be able to walk around freely, to receive smiles from strangers and share a coffee with a friend until my freedom was restricted.
The pandemic affected the majority of the world. It made me realise how fear has no language or cultural barrier. Everyone feared for their health, their livelihood, their family’s futures. Fear is a strong and infectious emotion which can wreak havoc. Whenever you feel fear creeping in, combat it with hope. Hope will keep you going.
Leading on from hope, I want to talk to you about love. The challenging time ignited kindness and compassion in so many people who helped out those in need. People donated their time and money and food. No matter what happens, kindness never goes out of fashion. Always, always be kind.
I don’t know what kind of trials you are facing right now my child. But be assured, the human spirit is capable of enduring and persevering even through the darkest times. Never ever give up!
All my love,


Steffi Siby is a lifelong reading and writing enthusiast. She fondly remembers writing from childhood all the way through high school and college. She is currently devoted to volunteering with young carers and at her local library. She spends the rest of her time with her adorable puppy. Her passion for reading and writing has been rekindled in recent years and she posts on her blog https://spreadyoursmile.home.blog/ weekly.


  1. Thankyou for writing that Steffi. I am sure that any young person who has not been old enough to have been aware of the difficulties we have been living through since the beginning of 2020 will understand after reading your letter. I hope you will carry on writing with pleasure.

    1. Hi Sue. Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, it will be up to us to tell future generations about all this and hopefully, they can learn from some of our generation’s mistakes and aim for a better future! I am carrying on writing indeed and enjoying it. Hope you are well and thanks again for reading!

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