Just another Thursday. A poem by Dane Ince

Just another Thursday
During Covid 19
As in a dream
Recurring the slow motion chase ensued
Buzzsaw toothed clown chased me slowly
Paralyzed I could not move
Closer still I wake up
My wife died
Cats sat on my lap
I went to AA in Australia
I read poetry out loud in Berlin
I made art
I ate art
I listened to
Slack key guitar
Ravi Shankar
Tragic Tango
I ate a piece of David Bowie pie for comfort
I cried and cried and cried
All the dying beatings protest
A dark haired Russian ruined me with Tanka
I learned new language
Learned new words
I learned how to use pandemic in a sentence
I made love to my dead wife under a tree
I woke up from a nightmare to terror
Tragically ever after
A gift just for me
Having never left my office chair for this odyssey
I am grateful for the dimmer switch


Dane Ince has written most of his life in small and quite ways. First published in 1970. The author traveled from his place of birth in Texas to Berkeley, California to study art. He resides sheltering in place in San Francisco.

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