How Many Died Today by Martin Fitzmaurice

We don’t know when it started, don’t know where it will end
They say it came from China, from here – the known world’s end
But the strangest part of all, And this I hate to say
The only ongoing question is, “How many Died Today”We tried to live a normal life, when lockdown did begin
Not more than three kilometres, and no visitors allowed in
We watched the news near constantly, the updates always grey
But ultimately the headline was, “How Many Died Today”

One could not see her parents, cause they were 83
Or go to town for shopping, it was banned until stage 3
And one could not attend, to put his cousin Neath the clay
Cause he was number 11, only 10 allowed today

We learned about the front line staff, their commitment full and true
They tried to keep us all alive, as much as they could do
And tragedy at nursing homes, where old people did lay,
As they made their parting breath, all we could do was pray

I hope someday when this does pass, As pass it surely will
We’ll contemplate a deeper life, the year that time stood still
And if I live to be 100, I hope no one again will say
We will listen to the news to hear, “How Many Died Today”

Martin Fitzmaurice – during Lockdown – 30/05/2020

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