Faith by Martin Fitzmaurice

George Michael sang about faith in 1 9 8 7
I wonder if it was enough, to get him into Heaven
Its times like this, we really learn, what faith is all about
When all the material world we know, is submerged deep in doubtThe work we had to travel to, don’t matter any more
For once we get to think, about our old friend next door
The mortgage that we slaved with our earnings for to pay
Fades into insignificance, while we survive this very day

When you move all material things, from life, what have you left,
Then to a man who has no faith, he is left bereft
This is the time you realise, that your not on your own
Your with the one who made you and with whom you have grown

He will hold you as his wish, until your time is done
He’ll guide you through the wilderness, because you are his son
And when the time to depart this world, then and only then
He will take you to his bosom and cherish you again

So when this world does get you down and you are all dismayed
Put your faith in the man above and do not be afraid
And if you put your faith in him, he’ll carry you right through
And lead you to complete the task, he has in mind for you.

Martin Fitzmaurice – During Corona Virus – 29 th March 2020.

I just write casual, songs and poems what comes to mind, topical at the time for me. You can email me any time at
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