Getting a cockapoo puppy in lockdown. A poem by Jeffa Kay

She’s tiny, cute and cuddly
and keeps me entertained.
She’s making me more exercised –
(a pleasure and a pain).
Her teeth and nails are needles –
my hand is bandaged now.
She didn’t mean to do it,
she missed the toy somehow.
She talks to me non-stop
in puppy barks and whines.
I’m no longer isolated
tho’ I miss the quiet sometimes!
As I try to write this poem
she tries to eat my words,
a wriggling bundle on my knee
my thought process disturbed.
She loves the stairs I’d decided
she’d never go up and down;
thinks the landing is an inside loo
despite cross words and frowns.
Then she snuggles up to me
as we sit post madness time,
All warm and fluffy, teddy-faced –
but best of all she’s mine!

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