Fear the Reaper. A poem by Dave Rendle

The days are getting longer now
For Mr death this means more business,
He respects no borders, or governmental orders
Religious faith or political affiliation,
Brings a dark plague on all our houses
Daily stalks, until he makes that final call,
By the light of a barking dog
Never gets thrown off course,
The exterminating angel
Sits at the end of our beds,
Diligently slips through praying fingers
Cancels out all dreams and hopes,
Mercilessly zapping both the young and old
The meek and the mild, the quiet and bold,
The fierce ones, the angry and defiant
Free or in isolation, abandoned or in confinement,
No one goes gently, there are no happy endings
Will catch you, trap you and take you away,
The truth is, there’s no escaping his power
One day we will take the fragile flight into light,
Nothing though is ever lost or completely erased
Haunting the world, we leave memories and shadows,
The world is like a raging sea, and we are all drowning
Seeds of grief always flowering, fertilising the earth.


Just an individual based in West Wales, I follow freedoms breath aernational solidarity.

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