Facebook April 2020. A Poem by Rachel Coventry

Look, this butterfly flew into my house
Look, the wild yellowness of gorse
Look at the Easter cake I made
This purple crocus stands by itself
New Yorkers applaud at 7 pm
Spanish nurses clapping at a window
for one of their own
Look at this Fabergé egg
Why not lock up the elderly
and let us back to work
Fuck joggers panting right past me
I don’t care who unfriends me
Quarantine sucks
Children scream
in a Bristol tower block
I have hit a sort of plateau
These beautiful poppies in Paros
An old lady stands at her door
I’ve accepted the challenge
Our son died
Vitamin D builds Covid resistance
Look, I made these Irish coffees
Look, the M1 is empty
Look at the moon over DC
Look at me.
Rachel Coventry’s poems have appeared in various journals including the North, The Moth, Poetry Ireland Review, The Irish Times, and The SHop. Her collection Afternoon Drinking in the Jolly Butchers is published by Salmon poetry.

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