Exercise. A poem by Anamaria Julia Dragomir

We all must pay the price,
Succumb to Fate’s device.
Time is but exercise
For death, to be precise.
And time we do adore,
An idol rather crummy.
When Fate settles the score,
We have no use for money.

Does any prayer suffice
When Fate is playing dice?
We’re yearning for advice,
We’d pay whatever price.

Fate is a carnivore,
She has no taste for money.
She gambles for much more,
As if our deaths were funny.


Anamaria Julia Dragomir, comes from Romania to find a home away from home here in Ireland. She has studied Philology, Literature and Philosophy. She has started to write verse in a moment of overwhelming sensitivity and is hoping to touch the borders of literature.

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  1. Beautiful poem by AnaMaria Julia Dragomir!
    Dimi Tuti Zazo

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