‘Cracking up’ with COVID. A poem by Pat Potter

Have YOU ever bleached a banana?
Do you think I am going too far?
With my nice ‘bleachy’ cloth I go haywire.
If it doesn’t move,it’s ‘no holds barred’!

I’ve always been partial to bleaching.
My dishcloth gets its daily dunk.
The thought of all those germs a lurking
gets me in a terrible funk.

I swab and I wipe;disinfecting
some things that you wouldn’t believe.
If it’s boasting a handle it gets it!!
Double dose? Yes, that brings me relief!

My hands are all wizened and gnarly
despite all the soft’ning hand cream;
but ‘Oh No’,now I’ve touched the dispenser!
Get the bleach quick!Must do a re-clean.

Stay in and turn into a maniac?
My logic has left me for sure!
All this bleaching and wiping is useless
cos for weeks no one’s been through the door!

but I’m still going to do it!


…and your bananas if you must.


My name is Pat Potter and I love writing and reading poetry and short stories. I am retired, aged 77, and belong to a U3A discussion group.

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