2 Meters. A poem by Seamus Mc Dermott

2m to stay, 2m away,
don’t shake hands.
2m to wave, to save,
don’t you understand?

2m to pray, 2m away,
no church bells ringing.
2m to breathe, to grief,
no choirs singing.

2m to miss, 2m to kiss,
can you feel the pain?
2m to walk, to talk,
through a windowpane.

2m too near, 2m to fear,
no holding hands.
2m to meet, to greet,
no stroll on a sunlit strand.

2m to shop, 2m to stop,
don’t wipe away the tears.
2m to hug, to shrug,
behind a mask hide your fears.


From Convoy in Donegal, wrote my first piece in early 2019, and have not been able to stop writing since. Writing has opened up a whole new world for me and also a window to my past.


  1. Lovely poem well done Seamus. U were born for it.

  2. Lovely words, Seamus. Really poignant for the times we live in.

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