Beyond is yours. A response to another poem on Pendemic by Fi Crux

A reply to A Day by James Michaels

You are in a tube
You who are mesmerised
By the camera eye
Like a bird in a circular sky
Music balms you
Too, on YouTube
The instinct is right
But outside
The newborn
Bulls are galloping
The ducklings are
Following their
Mothers’ clucking
The gulls are swooning
The wind is singing
And the children are laughing
Your lungs are crying
For infinity
Your eyes for a a blessed endless
Green fields with no limits.
Sun Kisses. Heat hugs.
Your legs are lambs
Itching to leap
Even if you start asleep
Raise your hands to
The sky and full blown life
Will fly into you
Before you believe it
Wait not for a jail door to
Be unlocked my friend
You have the key,
Just take it.
Or take my hand.

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