Annual Mother’s Day Poem by the Lathrop Children

Another year has come and gone,
So its time we sing our usual song.
A Mother’s Day for you just isn’t complete
without a poem, so hold on to your seat.

Well hello, howdy, hi! How are you today?
Why the **** is it still snowing in May?
2020 has been a crazy year
Coronavirus quarantine, preventing us from being near

We wish you a great day and as if on cue
Our minds are filled up with good memories of you.
We’re lucky to have you as our beautiful mother,
Given the option, we wouldn’t trade you for another.

Pat and Kay, still in Texas
trying to remain noninfectious
Connor, at home in self isolation
drinking bleach on the advice of the leader of our nation

We know you’re special, Mom
For all the things you do,
Happy Mother’s Day, Mother
From all of us to you!


Note from Mum: Each year my children compose a Mother’s Day Poem. They never cease to amaze me.

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