A Lament. A poem by Jason Sherlock

A new language,
must be forged,
to describe your storm,
For yours is like no other.

You stifled reason.
For my desire became,
The reason,
For your pleasure.

From Day to nightfall,
You deviously left me,
swinging from,
Heartaches to heartbreaks.

As if ordained,
Without valour,
To be at war,
With myself.

When Eyes were shut,
I only saw,
The face of you,
Incorrigible to my escape.

But then you pulled the trigger,
And I dodged the bullet.
This broke,
The bondage you enforced.

An experience like no other,
Which made me,
Wiser and freer again.
I can only say thanks.

So I thank you.


University Student living in Galway City.

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