A Vicious Circle. A poem by Insaf Yalcinkaya

Non-being trickles in through the windows instead of sunshine
No name of the days
No value either
My hair messed up
Bedroom-kitchen- restroom

Poverty infiltrates into homes
Everyone’s humanity has a limit
Between purse and relentlessness
My hair messed up

There is a huge silence in houses
No clock, no tick tack
No tick tack of my heart either
I’ve forgotten my voice
My hair messed up

Loneliness leaks from houses
Lovelessness leaks into houses
My hair messed up


Bio & Link
Insaf Yalcinkaya is a poet and an artist. Her works published in The Correspondence An Anthology to call for end to direct provision by Stinging Fly and Flare 14 by Dublin Sunflowers Session. her art work selected an exhibition called Transhumance, The Nomadic Artist: part of this land.

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