A change has happened. A poem by Chantal Kapani

A change. A change has happened.
Her speech is s l u r r e d,
stumbling upon words,
constructed they make so sense but do to her.
A gloss glazes over her dimmed eyes, as they narrow in a spiral
downfall of confusion.

Her eyes scream in fear, shoulders huddle over, she is now so much smaller.
She silently, sits and stares.

Glowing skin no more, big,
bright eyes no more.
Blank stares at blank faces.
Confusion strikes her harder.

Making her,

tumble and,
clumsily stumble over the memories of her favourite
childhood places.

Worried eyes direct their gazes.

A change. A change has happened.


My name is Chantal Kapani and I’m a 20-year-old University student from the south of England that spends most of her time up North. I am an aspiring novelist currently in the works of her first novel while I am soon to be in my third year studying English and Creative Writing. I am a writer who tries to explore every aspect of writing as much as I can with my own blog, where I share my short stories and my own articles, inspired by the most recent and upcoming events. I hope that my writing spreads awareness on social issues such as the oppression of black people, racism, and mental health but, also to bring comfort and remind everyone that we, as a society, will stand together when fighting these issues. Alongside this, I am a journalist for my University’s newspaper and my writing is soon to be published in the Flare Journal in the fall and, in The Ruin magazine.

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