0023 [25. april 20]. A poem by oskar kabel

creative industry. is not. a luxury. but.
with its $111 billion. annually. indeed.
systemically. relevant. for the entire.
economy. aber. wie systemrelevant.
ist. die freiheit. der poesie. und wie.
frei. ist diese. systemrelevanz. aller.
kritischen. dichter. wie unabhängig.
ist. sprache. wie systemkritisch. ist.
die unabhängigkeit. der verrückten.
wörter. how. systemically. relevant.
is. free. speech. beyond. institutions.
how. independent. is. language. at all.
how. systemically. relevant. are these.
freelance. artists. without. any. basic.
income. how. relevant. is. a. minister.
with. luxury. income. through taxes.


bio and volume of poetry: hoaxlyrik on Amazon.

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