Youthful Folly. A poem by Sally-Shakti Willow

staying staying
feet apart when
you experience
of the present
sporadic avoidances
the restlessness the pain this irrepressible
sense of
morass : fear and
this virus

myself in

turned far
inside till i beat living
life solitary / there
was almost no out we
have to live have to live through

for least a protracted staying
from people mostly
coffees shops
activities that give life sustenance


Note: Found text from the following sources is used in this poem

i ching hexagram 4 – Youthful Folly,6YD5,2FSDHM,QMBP,1


Sally-Shakti Willow researches, writes and performs utopian poetics as ritual to open up [r]evolutionary space for positive transformation. Poetry publications to date: The Unfinished Dream (Sad Press, 2016), Atha (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2019) and [un].holy: 33 sonnets for Brigid (Hesterglock Press, 2020). Forthcoming: Writing Utopia, an anthology of utopian poetics co-edited with Sarer Scotthorne (Hesterglock Press, 2020). Sally-Shakti’s other writings and reviews are published in Studies in Arts and Humanities Journal, The Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, The Contemporary Small Press and Northern Review. Find her on Facebook at WRITING & THRIVING and on Twitter @Spaewitch.

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