Why? A first and only poem by Joe Mulhall

I sit alone and wonder,
Could I be a prisoner here
Not in this room, but in thís world
And why are you my ear?

Is death a path to paradise?
Is life the long road home?
I never sought your sacrifice
Will you hear my poem? 

I’m old and weak,
I’ll accept defeat, whenever I must die
My mind is numb, your day will come
The stakes are far too high

I thought it was a rat race
Sometimes kind, for peace of mind
Now the rats are leaving
What will be left behind

Global warming, was a problem
So too, living beyond our means
Did we care, who died of hunger?
Were we tired of preaching greens? 

I am a pawn, I know my place
.. But did God or man decide
The wisdom that I have to share
If I could only go outside. 

Did a virus come from outer space
Did it follow us from Eden?
Though small, under the microscope
It might dwarf our life and reason! 

Your time has come, are you the one?
To listen and to learn
You recognise, the leaders lies
My world, my room, my prison.


A first and only poem.

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