Who would have thought. A poem by Yvonne Reddin

Who would have thought Nostradamus would know
Of this disease that would spread everywhere that it goes
He said from the East it would travel worldwide
And make people so scared and stay isolated inside
As the days pass with news of this virus and curse
We think of the frontline heroes who are there in the worst
They are trying to ease the spread of this killer flu
While scientists scramble through tests for a clue
Our people and characters are tested to its capacity
While Venice waters run clear as we watch Mother Nature’s tenacity
Perhaps it’s a warning of our world to slow down
It’s effected every village, every city and town
As families, the old, the most vulnerable start to listen
Yes, we feel like are homes are becoming a prison
But we shall take a stand if for now on our own
We still have our laptops, tablets and phone
If just to send a message to say you’re ok
Our future children will talk of this, remembering this day.


Freelance writer, mam isolating at home with three children

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