What If? A poem by Gill Chedgey

What if we could inject coronavirus with a neon dye?
And what if we could zap them with a laser taser?
Kill ’em dead
Each time we see one.
Get our revenge.
World population armed with virus controllers.
Control the virus.
Carrying that instead of our phones.
Looking at that instead of our phones.
It could track and trace.
Zoom in on them.
So we know where the little buggers are hiding.
We’ll be out for essential virus zapping.
You can leave your home once a day to kill the virus.
Stay alert.
Control the virus.
Kill the virus.
Save lives.
Anyone caught staying home all day and not attempting to kill the virus will be fined
For – unsocial distancing.
What if we could infect coronavirus with a neon die?
What if?


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