We’re there for you. A poem by James Carter

We’re there for you
In these difficult times.
We know it’s hard
And we’ve put in place
Measures to keep you and our staff safe
While we’re there for you.

We’re there for you
Though it might take a little longer
For us to answer your call
And we won’t be able to meet your desires
For a coffee, a haircut, a hug from a loved one
Though we are there for you.

We’re there for you
To don the gown, the gloves, the face mask and visor
To enter the hall wallpapered with death
To listen to your breath in the pools of your lungs
To call for the ambulance
That’ll be there for you.

We’re there for you
To turn the bed and swab the chair
Take your temperature and watch the screens
To hold your life like a thin-shelled egg
To be there for you.


James Carter lives in Edinburgh and plays with words when the spirit moves.

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