Well of Tears. A poem by Tess Larkin

Heart expanded like a bellows.
Tears escape the gullies
Drenched with sadness
The waterfall drips, drips, drips.
Coloured by mascara
Contaminated salty tears
Erected an Everest staircase
Consumed with grief.
Solitary tears for our brothers and sisters
Numerically counted by our Sage
Dr Tony Houlihan
As we cling to his words of wisdom.
A glimpse of hope
Radiated from the depts of his sincerity.
Tears weapons
Penetrate cheekbones
Dribble, dribble, dribble.
Imprints expand like saturated blotting paper
Tears irregular coincide with
The irregularity of Covid 19
The virus blots the lungs
Multiples, elongates.
What colour is the Virus?
What life does it saturate?
As it impregnates
A parasitic journey
Unkind to mankind
As we wait our lifebuoy.
The Covid vaccine.

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