Virus, What Virus???. A Poem by Roberta Della-Picca

clean air, clean water

Help thy Neighbour

animalistic shopping frenzy
hoarding accordians

no toilet paper, anywhere to be found
resorting to crocheting

Let the Seniors shop first!

cabin fever
yet, respite from obligations

unemployment: bills piling up: taxes due, oil tank empty

kids arguing…bored out of their gourds
Homeschooling – You have GOT to be kidding!

Friends pitching in
books, soup, muffins and uplifting words
(at a safe distance)

no social gatherings
not even the Calabogie Blues and Ribfest – wha?

stuck abroad
to planes to board


stranded in Borneo or Bali
not SO bad

hobbit community in NZ
not SO bad

wash hands with tea tree oil 60 seconds every 20 minutes
prunish skin

wipe taps, door knobs and metal handles
Lysol, Clorox, gotchya covered

cancelled appointment
so sorry, just suffer with that abscess
didn’t want that root canal anyway

friendly (overworked) paramedics
got too many patients!

compassion, understanding, tolerance and patience

warm liquids, vitamin C, zinc
keep throat moisturized, boost immune system

work from home
be your own boss

homeless more at risk
social distancing???
not so much

incarcerated at mucho risk
let them free

daily phone-check
pick up groceries
lonely, desperate Seniors



As a published poet, in “Honouring Indigenous Women: Hearts of the Nations” volume 2, and as a Storytelling/Author of a number of (yet-to-be published) myth-based children’s books, and numerous other poems, Ms. Della-Picca has performed numerous Poetry and Prose Readings, including at the Bonnechere Union Public Library, Engine House Coffeehouse, (Bonnechere) Valley Voices, ONECommunity centre, a number of the “Take Back the Night” events, (in Renfrew county and the city of Ottawa), “Voices of Survivors”, December 6th Vigils, Vigils for Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women and other related community events. Roberta has had visual art exhibits in Arts Court (through the Ottawa Council for the Arts), at the University of Ottawa, (through the Women’s Worlds International conference), in the Orange Gallery (through Minwaashin Lodge’s “Journey Women” project), at a Creative Arts conference at Concordia University, at the Opening of the play, “Where the Blood Meets” in Montreal, and at Shinwauk Residential School’s Exhibit at Algoma University, in Sault Ste. Marie, among others. She also has performed in the All-Ab original version of “King Lear” and “Louis Riel” at the National Arts Centre and in the “Vagina Monologues” at the National Art Gallery and the Bronson Centre on a number of occasions; She has been part of a couple of Women’s Hand Drum groups, and has performed on numerous occasions, including at the Museum (named at the time) of Civilization.

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