Venomous snake. A poem by Lucia Browne

You slithered around The Globe
Like a venomous snake
No attention did we pay…….
You have us now!! Covid 19

We started to fall
Get tested they said!
Isolate they said!
We did as they said!

After self isolation of 8 days
The rules changed
You won’t be tested they said!
Stay isolated they said!
Honey and lemon, and cough
Bottle they said!

As you isolate
The news reveals
Throngs are basking in
Sunshine, up the Sally Gap,
Glendalough and Scenic
Places the length of Ireland
Message of Social Distance!!

Close it down they said!
Shocking statistics they said!
See and learn they said!

Covid 19 are you a lesson to the world?
Who knows!
Wait and see they said!


Lucia is enjoying creative writing.


  1. Well done Lucia!

  2. That’s brilliant Lou well done ! Keep safe, lots of love Sarah.

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