Transmutation. A poem by Antonia Seaward


“The action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.”

They will call you Angels.
If you are an angel then you are not of this world.
It is not the same as a human dying.


I now question everything I thought about heroes.
In my head they always acted knowing the consequences, wanting the glory.
Beheading gorgons or taking on entire armies with only wit and wiles as their weapons.

Heroism or martyrdom?

Has it been confused?

A backwards spin on the situation?

I thought I knew.

Then, maybe I did.

I have read Sassoon, Owen.
They talked about how heroes are made,
and why.

They knew.

But now their words are being forgotten…again.

The uniform may have changed but the message remains the same.


Antonia Seaward is a writer, poet and spoken word artist from the south side of Glasgow. She has three young daughters and started her writing career after the birth of her first child. Her children serve as a constant inspiration to much of her work which contains a deep connection to motherhood, womanhood and the human condition. She shows an ability to evoke an emotional response through her reactive writing on the events that influence her life and the world around her.

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