Today I’m Grateful For… A journal entry from Bogusia Wardein

Today I’m grateful for (name seven things): silence, not having to go anywhere, tap water, three meals a day, my soft slippers, the patch of blue sky at 8.16, Tina Turner, green tea caressing my palate, the email from Michael, broccoli on the kitchen counter, the scent of orange extract that I wear, the notebook, the biro from MoLI, forsythia blooming in the vase as I ensure the stems are dipped in warm water. My fingers, my heart, my mind.
I’ve been writing ‘The Scenes From Oslo’ for the past two hours. If I cease creating what am I here for?


Bogusia Wardein is from Poland. Her first published poem was nominated for the Forward Prize in 2013. Since then fifty of her poems have appeared in print publications internationally. Visit her website.

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