Through the Eyes of My Children. A poem by Christine Egan

And so it was on March the 12th
That Leo set out the plan
Our schools would close the very next day
The first phase of lockdown began

At the start it was a novelty
No more school work for us
We didn’t realise just how
Serious was this Virus

We both were hearing stories
Of people getting sick
The virus was a Supervillain
Attacking the world so quick

At first we began to worry
But mam and dad eased the scary load
They said that we would all be safe
Once we followed the advice we had been told

So we gathered up our toys
Some new games we did create
And made the most of the situation
While normality had to wait

Our school sends us some work
So we can keep on track
Lots of learning we must do
To be up to date when we get back

RTE is showing Home School Hub
We think it’s very cool
One of the teachers – Mr. Sharpson
Works in our local school

The Newsroom was invented
With tales of what we’ve done
Our bulletin goes out each Thursday
Recording it has been lots of fun

Lego and boardgames a plenty
Riding our bikes, GAA, lots more
Bringing our dog to the park for walks
And reading books galore

But, there are a lot of things
That we, for sure, do miss
Like seeing our friends and teachers
And visiting our Grandparents for a kiss

We miss our Nana Brid
Who’s the best, it is no lie
We miss our Sunday visits
When she gives us her Apple Pie

We send her on some videos
It’s hard as she’s no wifi
But we think she gets the message
We just want to tell her hi

We also miss Jim, our Grandad
In his garden we like to play
We hope he is doing well
And that everything is okay

So although we feel alright
And are grateful to be well
We are really looking forward
To hearing our school bell

To see our friends in person
And not on a Houseparty call
To be sitting in our classrooms
And out to yard to play some ball

We want to thank some people
Like the amazing Frontline Team
We are very grateful to you all
Superheroes – you are all supreme

We hope it won’t be long
Til this virus leaves our lands
In the meantime, stay home, stay safe


(Written by the mother of Josh(9) & Luke(7) after a chat with them about how they feel during Lockdown 2020

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