This Fear Only Breeds More Hate. A poem by Shelby Day

Don’t turn up that news
Or stay up until 3am scrolling
There are no answers to what tomorrow brings
You won’t find the comfort you need
That news is bad that news is fake
They only want to cause confusion
So later they are praised
When they report they saved the lives of some million
And the economy recovered by some billion 

Don’t discount the scientists
No need to wear a mask
Your kids and the heathy are safe
Wear a mask, and gloves, and sanitize everything
That news is bad that news is fake
There is no need to compare this story with that story
Every day the narrative changes
They only want to spread the scare
And turn up the terror

Don’t wait on those checks
Not necessary to run to the bank
The money isn’t for everyone
And it comes at a high price to the Nation
That news is bad that news is fake
They only want to keep you reliant
Massive bailouts are not the answer
Washington doesn’t want you to see clarity and freedom
Then they lose the support that feeds them

Don’t just sit in and wait
Next week it will just be the same story
More tent hospitals are being erected
Just in! New guidance and rules
That news is bad that news is fake
Those damn press conferences
They say they care about all Americans
But they only care about their own bank account
And eliminating a reelection recount 

Don’t rely on the leaders
Bats are to blame
Corona was made in a lab
It is a master plan of genocide
That news is bad that news is fake
All of the lying and creating different versions of the now
They only stir up more racism
And that fear only breeds more fear
This fear only breeds more hate


Shelby Day lives in Boise, Idaho. She had spent the last 3 years putting her next plan/career into motion when, the pandemic hit and stalled if not completely killed those plans.

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