This Easter This Year This World. Fergus Hogan

we need to go back down onto our knees and crawl
into the dark. We need to bow our heads into the silence
of shame and humbly re-enter the Tenebrae.
We need to wipe a red cross of blood sacrifice
onto the door-frame of each home and pray
for Passover – again, before it’s too late
and only some get a place on the Ark.We cut the last Olive tree down without permission or apology
neither for wood nor fuel, but just because we could.
We set the ice caps on fire melting the waters.
We forced the north and south poles out of balance.
We drowned the deserts and watched as the last male White Rhino
died before our very eyes – live on Facebook – and for all of
our science and technology there was nothing we could do.We infected seeds and plants on purpose with chemicals.
We genetically modified foods and force-fed wheat
to captive geese till their livers exploded and then
we turned them into cheap pâté that we sold on Amazon Prime.
We cut the beaks and claws off chickens to keep them safe
from themselves and from each other in cages of thousands
as we bread them to grow fat without feathers to die for the market.

We stopped going out to shop long before the politicians
told us to stop and we gave up our civil liberties long before
we lost them – we’d long since turned to online shopping –
next day delivery from the other side of the world –
no questions asked – turn up to work or lose your job –
it doesn’t matter who minds your children when they’re sick
or off school or if you elderly parents are dying

it doesn’t matter either – if you yourself get sick or even
if you fall-down dead on the shop floor with the pandemic –
you’ll simply be boxed up, shipped off, cremated in no time at all
without a soul allowed to turn up to send you off from this –
disposable world of ours that we’ve all created together
out of our want and greed – gone mad – one click, one click
one click of a button and we’re all replaceable

Fergus Hogan lives and works in Waterford where he lectures full-time in narrative family therapy at WIT. His poems have been published in the Irish Times and various anthologies. His first chapbook of poems, Bittern Cry, was published in November 2019. His novel The Wisdom of Fionn, is a retelling of the old Irish tale with a focus on Celtic Spirituality and boy’s and men’s lives and relationships. It is being serialised, for free, each day of this stay at home time – on his publishers Facebook page Book Hub Publishing.

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  1. Beautifully said Fergus.
    I met you a couple of years ago in Stradbally at my first cousin Mary Power Kelly’s book opening.
    Blessings galore to you and all your family and friends, all the way from Los Angeles.

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