There Will Be Time. A Poem by Layla Moroney

The bell rings, over a silent gravelled avenue

Ground not yet disturbed, no mourners queue

Evergreens sway gently in the mid-April air,

As squirrel scurries up the branches, unaware

The bell rings again, followed the sound of tyres on stone

In the distance, the priest waits at the wooden door, alone

No handshakes, no guard of honour, no embrace

Rubbed mascara stains a masked face

A family of twenty seven extended through the years

Now reduced to ten plus one, distanced on cold pews, amid guidelines and fears

The eulogy cut short, it only echoes the pain they feel

Some say there will be time in time, and time it helps to heal

Time to hug and reminisce, time to raise a glass

Those so loved in life, their death shall not just pass.



Layla has had work published in Bray Arts Journal and has read her poetry at various events. She shares her writing and her every day life on Instagram


  1. Layla …. simple words to describe the saddest time….the farewell….so important for the treasured people we share lifes road with… well done.

  2. Really makes you think about what people are going through at this very sad time for so many. Your Words Express so much. Well read yesterday Layla.

  3. This brought a tear to my eye yesterday as you read it. The pain and sorrow for so many.
    How will people cope at saying goodbye to loved ones like this.

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