There will be Time. A poem by Adrienne Byrne

The exciting hum on our nights out
Friends laughing, calling, “It’s my shout!”
Glasses clinking and tinkling, toasting good times
Chatting to the girls in the bathroom lines.

The scent of great food floating in the air
“There’s more coming, can we grab another chair?”
The hugs, the jokes, the taxi lines
Don’t worry my friend, there will be time.

Family hugs and squeezes, love on display
All crammed around the table for the roast on Sunday
Popping over for a chat and a cup of tea
Grandparents with the children playing on their knee.

A pick’n’mix and popcorn, for the cinema date
A trip to the hairdressers to make you feel great
Boarding the flight; off to the sunshine!
Don’t worry my friend, there will be time.

Although all these things, we miss so much
The catch ups, the freedom, being able to touch
Please take this time to try and unwind,
Because for everything we’re missing, there will be time.

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