There will be. A poem by Irene Coleman

Time to hear the blackbirds sing,
It will be warmer then, the flowers abloom
We can sit and admire this beauteous thing
From within and outside the garden room.

There will be time, of course, there will
The world won’t end so quickly, so soon
You will get to finish that Camino then
In sun still warm, or by light of the moon.

On the other side, time for plans again
We’ll all walk along Dun Laoghaire pier
Listen to music, while we can, to sounds
of kids laughing, gone is their fear.


Irene is a member of the Scriobh Aris creative writing group at Greystones Cancer Support Centre.

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  1. Beautiful Irene. Loved the colours conjured in my head. Walks beyond garden are a delicious dream to look forward to. Best wishes, Deirdre

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