There are no Heroes. A poem, by Iarlaith Cunningham

“Their work is easy, sure they do nothing”
TD thinking,
now in lockdown laziness.

Lay over in their beds and ignore
5 AM alarms,
jingling of minimum wage.

There are no heroes.

Shine light along a dark neighbourhood,
into windows of those who sleep.
Thank you.


Wake up.

Clap until your hands are raw.
When they ask for extra pay?
Keep clapping out the noise.

An emerald isle economy;
Premium price infection.
Minimum change.

In pandemic pandemonium.
Bragging over 1000 dead.
Planning of a numbers race.
Left toward November.


Clapping for a moment,
shine light on different dark.

There are no heroes.

Only those doing more than they should,
for less than they are owed.


Bio & Link
Lot is being said about the so called, “Heroes” of the pandemic, but little is being done to actually support them. Just thought I’d write something about it.

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