The World In Crisis. A Poem by Libby Taylor

When all of this is over
May we take a step back
To remember the time when the world stopped
When Mother Nature began to take its own back
And the pollution in the rivers cleared and the fish returned
And the birds soared through the clear skies.A time when we took the title of most selfish species
Turning our backs on our own;
The elderly were left without bread
Mothers left without milk for their young
Doctors and nurses, the people we turn to to help us
Left without enough food to make a meal.

When all of this is over
We shall look back on this time
And realise how cruel we really were.


Libby Taylor is a 19 year old poet and aspiring novelist from Leicestershire, England. She is currently at the University of Lincoln studying English Literature and Creative Writing. When she is not writing she is working on her University’s literary journal, or with her nose in a book. Her poetry has also been featured in Vaughan Street Doubles. You can also find her on Instagram @l.t.writing and her blog

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