The Ships of Fear by Rob Buchanan

What will it think of us,
flying over a silent land?
Our last satellite, tumbles like
Ezekiel’s blind god. Shadow flying
carving its geosynchronous arc
On histories abandoned chequered board.
Farms herringbone bucolic stonewall
Mummified motorways, polygonal
Empty extinct oceans, cobalt cloud cremation grounds of the cosmopolitan. Navigating the sky eternally,
Virus revitalised copper Venus on the night side. Solid Autumnal blaze.
Aquarium silence, solitary soulless sliced
Hermetically sealed like
Gods secret home sickness.

Rub’ al Khali, the firmament bent inside an arid snow globe,
Rang lifeless as a ribcage, abandoned ancient empty home.
Roadless route every soul had run out.
Grain-veined, sculpted behemoth
sand dunes Everest scaled.

Imagine this land without language.
Pyramids sky-scrapers, saw-tooth ziggurats, sepulchral concrete canyons
Cast out of crystalline amber sunshine.
Laughable Ozymandias, austere Arabesque. Empty but for the digital dead.
Cold calling unanswered beacon. Silhouette declawed skylines
Of once-great wet dream cities,
night times in its metallic mind.

Is Newgrange, is New York, is Pergamum.
The palette of that sunken civilisation, corporation charcoal, charnel grounds
Clay sandstone sunsets, last sight of generations fused in flashes of fission.
Closed hung-over eyes blasphemed
The senility of the Sphinx.

All the world about me freezes, perishes like a suttee wife.
And that dark witness tumbles by still.
This universes proposes a simpler truth,
Purged from history. Lila, Maya
Hindus divine play.
The crumbling jealous wall between the Four Immeasurable.
Keeps the games disorder in hot unity,
Calls out to an empty worlds.
Of Connolly’s follies,
Fields of frozen fetuses
Taliban blown up Buddha’s.
Chaotic trigonometry of torn peninsulas without footfall.
Oil lakes combusting, lava river riven.

Humans are the ships of fear.
And with them all gone
There is no one left to scare.
Antebellum alien blood nurtured roots
Stretched down through deepest earth,
up through darkest folds of space.
Basalt carved sheela-na-gig grin mocks them, river god iridium spinning.
Behind petrified electronic tree’s suddenly, Salmon stone cathedral fastness.
Emerging mesas make my bones sing, Makes the human left in me
Run cloven, swim bubbling, crawl cold blooded, haunted by memories.

I feel that last satellites blind gaze
Corona golden crowning me.
Maroon mountains mocking,
Tiny planets paving dry riverbeds.
Atomic shadows arms raised in praise.
Wild worn hills implode like punch drunk ruins, bridges like desert carcass ribs.
Pugnacious green and white and orange.

Humans were the ships of fear!
They sing rushing to overgrow,
to decompose while the old world becomes a fleshless skull
Silencing our banshee vestiges,
A mercy killing of collective unconscious
I want to die and live again,
without memories. I want to die knowing
That Newgrange, New York and Pergamum Die with me.

What will it think of us that last one?
What will be left to say?
Except that whilst we cursed
each day of life, it was really
Because of fear, not love that
We didn’t want to die.

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