The Positive by Muireann Creswell

I try and think negatively,
But all that comes to me in this time,

Are the positives,
They are many and,
They are precious.
This time lets us recover,
Recover our relationships with family,

It lets us reflect,

On the times we share with those we love.
We think of this as if we are imprisoned,

But we are free,

We can be what we want without the judgement,
And yet people still think they are trapped,
When we have really escaped
Escaped from the stereotypes,
That crowd our minds,

We are free and released of these customs,
We can be who we are without being judged.

We make memories,

These are the thoughts that we will remember

When we are old and,
When we look back we have this time
To look back and see
The positives.

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