The Outing by Trish Mannion

The Angelus bells chimed as she cleared the breakfast table. Routine had long gone out the window, getting up later and later. Having always wanted more free time, now that she had it, she wondered was she squandering it.
Breakfast over, she put the kettle on to make fresh coffee. Mostly she was enjoying the freedom of the Lockdown, knowing that nobody could visit she walked around the house in her towel or, depending on the temperature, naked.

Showering was her daily delight, letting her hair dry naturally instead of the drawn out blow drying that she normally had to do. Each day she pinned fresh flowers into her hair before it was fully dry. The garden was blooming and the smells of flowers and the Rowan tree wafted through the open windows and patio doors. She went upstairs, humming as she went, enjoying the smell of the coffee she had just made.

Today she was getting dressed. Today she was going shopping. The queues often lasted for 30-40 minutes, so she chose her clothes carefully.

The long flowing top with moss coloured buttons. Light green leggings. Tan sandals and matching bag. Shopping was her new going out and she dressed to impress. But even with this care being taken with her clothes, she refused to blow dry her hair. Instead, she carefully threaded blossoms through her curls, clipping them in place.

Now she was ready for her weekly outing. Aldi, here I come.

Trish Mannion lives in Galway with her husband and has on the whole enjoyed the Lockdown. She enjoys writing short stories, flash fiction and the odd poem.

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