The Opposite of Lockdown by Mark Saunders

is openupis going back to work
is buses trains planes
is shops
is new clothes
is hair-cut
is swimming-baths
is friends round for dinner
passing round a bottle
is an arm round the shoulder
a shoulder to cry on

is being yourself again

is no longer a prisoner in your home
is a key that opens to what
was out of bounds
is to meet the streets with free and fearless gait

is to shed pessimism, fear, anxiety
useless emotional cargo
is stepping forward lightly

is a new hip
for the pilgrimage to Santiago

is to move on from sadness
is to hug my sister
(is the animal rescue centre
for another cat)

is cheese scone at Southsiders
is pint of Deuchars at Cafe Royale
is real crowds in football stadia
is new plays on dark theatre stages
is art for white gallery rooms
is people saying it’s been ages
and do you remember Zoom

is festivals music noise
is girls and boys letting off steam in the park
is fireworks is new love
is life goes on

is to wake as from hibernation
is to re-connect
is to re-open the heart

Mark is a freelance theatre-maker and writer, living in South Queensferry

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