The Ones We Love. A Poem by Eamon Blake

Listen, the birds, they’re singing louder.
Now the stars are shining brighter.
The air, so clean and fresh, sadly we wonder –
what price paid for the ones we lost?

To the infirm and old no chance you gave.
No mercy shown; you were not their friend.
You brought us grief, pain and sorrow.
Shedding tears for the ones we lost.

You came with stealth and gave no warning,
gazed then passed, ignored the young.
Your insidious spreading knew no bounds.
No pity when taking the ones we love?

Through fear and isolation you heralded the silence.
Brought on the loneliness, how we struggled.
Beware our fury when we slow your pace, then
reap our revenge for the ones we lost.

Fear not for us, we will rebuild and grow.
With song and dance, joy will again be ours.
Look to the stars and the singing birds.
Remember then the ones we love.

June 2020

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