The Longest Day. A poem by Helen Davies

Today is the longest day of the year,
The Summer Solstice.
To be honest, some of the days recently have felt like the longest day,
The days when it rains and you can’t spend time outside,
The days when all you really want to do is stay under the duvet and hide.

But then at other times I feel there’s not enough hours to be had,
No matter how much you do, time seems to run away.
Chaucer said ‘Time and tide wait for no man’
Or woman I must add.

I’ve got used to long days over the past few months,
Days that begin at first light,
And end in darkness, well into the night,
But it will still be a shock to the system having to set the alarm,
Even though long days seem to do no harm.

There’ll be sixteen hours and thirty eight minutes of daylight today,
What will you do with your ‘bonus’ minutes of this long Saturday?

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