The Journey, PAN dem IC and Proclamation. Three poems by Mairead Ryan

The Journey  

I pass through this foreign land,
surrounded by fellow passengers,
we each fall at different points,
our destination, a happy place.

Are we passive?
Are we grasping it?
Have we become backdrops to our lives?

You realise it is a short time,
fear penetrates our minds,
The hourglass is nearly full,
The clock begins to chime.

What is our meaning?
To survive.
What is our purpose?
To be alive.
To exist is a challenge,
Some accept, some deny.

We all live in a void,
Secure in a comfort zone.
Some exploit it, others rejoice it.

We become our objects of creation,
Calling it empowerment.

Drowning our ears in music,
Becoming blind to scenery,
Corrupted by our means,
Ignorant of our natural origins.

One by one, hoping always for more than we are.
While living in a world we are always trying to escape.

We exist but don’t live, will we learn? Is it too late?


PAN dem IC

The haze of vibrations,
Striking the eyes,
The body bewildered.

The severing rings,
Piercing the ears,
The face punctured.

The hammering thuds,
Commanding the body,
The chest consumed.

The digging thorn,
Claiming the butterflies,
The stomach furrowed.

The shadowing grasp,
Perplexing the thoughts,
The mind disturbed.

You, lost and helpless.



My sight is stolen,
A thief,
Relentlessly buzzing.

Controlling my senses,
My concentration ceased,
A thief,
Exerting authority.

Hovering around,
My ears drowned,
Buzz, buzz, buzz,
Penetrating silence.

Resting upon the stone kingdom,
My eyes blinded,
black and yellow rays,
Dilating my pupils.

Flying around,
Colonizing the kingdoms,
That once remained vacant.

Protecting the voluptuous queen,
My heart races,
Nature rules once more,
Sequencing events.

Invading my personal space,
My body stationed.

Mankind once again,
Begging for mercy.


Student Mental Health Nurse, Irish dancer, Youth Advisor at NICCY, campaigner at @mystoryni, aspiring to change mental health approaches.

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  1. Wow -what remarkable poetry from a woman whom is unafraid to mark her territory on the world!!!

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