The Grass is Greener Where it Rains. A short essay by Gail Sheridan

From the quietness and solitude of home I am once again compelled to pay heed to my love of prose, poetry, music and the beauty to be found in reflection and expression; things that these days I only have time to acknowledge between working full time, rearing a family and running a household. I have gratitude for the time and space I am awarded to ponder such things and sit and write what flows.
These are sad and peculiar times as the indulgences we have come to depend on become hidden in plain sight. A global pandemic has shaken and threatened all that we thought we were sure of. We are witnessing so much sickness and death across the world with virtually no nation left unharmed; as an Irish national I am thankful for so much in the throes of this national emergency. Within a tragedy more altruism and humanity has emerged than the world has seen in what feels like forever.
Political battles have ceased fire, marketing and advertising saturation becomes parched and, amidst the panic we as a people remember what it is to be human. To be stripped of self-actualisation for now, but for now is just enough time to be connected with each other just like we once were, in times gone by, for the sense of solidarity, community and safety and love. All the things we are conditioned to forget in a society that benefits a few if we are indoctrinated to divide. I am thankful for this resurgence and witness its beauty everywhere I go, for now.
And after this has passed how will we emerge? After hearing experts say civilisation is changed, metamorphosised whether we like it or not. An imprint has been made that cannot be erased, I am hopeful that this transformation is one for the better. We will be stronger and eyes that were blind will see an old familiar sight and then we will be home again, home to stay. In the song, ‘Eve the apple of my eye’ by Bell X 1, he sings a lyric that resonates with me more today, “Can’t you see the grass is greener where it rains”.

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