The eyes have it, A Touch Too Much and Trouser Trumper. Three poems by Darren Hood

The eyes have it

The eyes have it
For the all your human grace
Your eyes are your face
One left one, one right the balance is for all to see
Blue, green, brown there is no lack of equality
They show your compassion and humility
Beautiful mirrors of our souls
Reflectors of beauty and life goals
Aye, the eyes have it

A Touch Too Much

A thousand words in a single moment
Just a finger to the shoulder or a squeeze to make one bolder
How I miss the human touch
To touch my soul, to grab and clasp
A kiss, a hug, a brushing hand
My feet caressing my promised land

Trouser Trumper

What a dumper and a clumper
You’re a bozo
A clown, no better than Coco
You must be in breach
Telling us to drink some bleach
Someone please wake up and see the (UV) light
It’s time to do what’s right
Together, let’s dump the Trumper!


Watching and seeing are different things. Isolated hugger. Sad, sad observer of a Fake newsmaker.

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